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Friends of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve
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Keeping all of the iconic Lighthouse Reserve in public hands for generations to come


The Queenscliffe Council wants to build 10 two-storey tourist houses on iconic Crown land overlooking Port Phillip Heads. This outrageous decision goes against the community's wishes and uses a badly flawed business case.


The Queenscliffe Council issued two consultancy reports in support of commercial development on the Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve. These reports were carefully analyzed and their findings seriously questioned...

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The community reference group nominated as critical: long term planning; community involvement; re-vegetation; new walking trails; asbestos hut removal; better parking; viewing points; heritage protection and more...  

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Queenscliffe Lighthouse


Despite its remarkable maritime and military history, the Lonsdale Reserve doesn't have National Heritage recognition. The push is now on to get this happen by linking Pt Lonsdale with Fort Queenscliff and Pt Nepean...

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Our goal:

Obtaining National Heritage protection for the Pt Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve while retaining it in public hands and undertaking site remediation or new works  which align with the community reference group's recommendations.