Friends of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve
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​​Friends of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse 

and Queenscliff Headland Reserves

What can you do? Now it's up to you...

Our group is a broad church with many differing views. However, the one thing we have in common is that we firmly believe long term protection of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve and the Queenscliff Headland is best guaranteed with no commercial development and National Heritage listing. Our respective reasons for seeking this are diverse:

  • Wanting to protect and enhance the environment.

  • Believing a National Heritage listing which links Point Lonsdale to both Queenscliff and Point Nepean will be positive for all three sites and lead to sustainable management and greater tourism potential year round.

  • Believing that reinstating and retaining the area in a natural state will indeed attract more people over a longer period.

  • Wanting to keep public lands in public hands for everyone to enjoy.

  • The inadequate financial/operational risk assessment may lead to greater council costs downstream (failure to achieve income projections).

  • Believing private sector projects should not be underwritten by local councils.

  • Believing small scale development will inevitably lead to larger scale development over time due to profitability cost pressures.

  • Wanting only affordable minor facility improvements in keeping with Point Lonsdale’s and Queenscliff's low key feel because that's the way it has traditionally been and that's the way it should be retained for future generations.

What can you do?

1. On Facebook, like the Friends of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve and ask others to join too.

  • Our Facebook page has become a great place to stay in touch with others concerned about the future of the Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve. It's also become a good forum to pass on some of the remarkable history of the precinct.

2. Discuss with your family, friends and other Pt Lonsdale and Queenscliff residents and visitors.

  • It is only by actively discussing with others what you regard as appropriate for both the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve and Queenscliff Headland, then engaging with the Council or the Department of Land Environment Water and Planning. Most people are generally happy to let the Council manage the day-to-day running of the Borough. However, it is because most people don't speak up that the unspeakable happens - don't let it happen on your watch.

3. Directly contact the Council with your thoughts.  

4. Let our local Federal Member for Corangamite, the Hon. Libby Coker MP, know you support National Heritage for both Lonsdale and Queenscliff.